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Week 22.5 - Selected Image 2 - Submission [Sep. 17th, 2008|12:07 am]
Dept. Heaven Icontest


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Uh... right.

In response to the COMPLETELY UNDERWHELMING response to the last theme, I'm scrapping it and starting a new one. D: (don't worry, erinilliana--all three of your icons will be used for the roleplay in some form...)

So week 22.5, as it shall be known, is another Selected Image theme, where your icon must include one of the following images. There are six of them, which should give you some variety, but all of them are from Knights in the Nightmare--its release date is coming up soon and it needs a bit more attention from iconmakers out there yes/yes.

Raffle omake images, from right to left - Maria and Pisce by Kiyudzuki Satoko, Arlier by Tobe Sunaho, and Melissa and Aquiene by Iwanaga Yoshiyuki.

New key art image of Maria and Marietta(?). You can use your own screencaps for this image if you would prefer.

Remember, three icons are allowed per maker--please submit~