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Week 22 - Apocrypha - submission - Sting Awards [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Week 22 - Apocrypha - submission [Sep. 2nd, 2008|03:44 pm]
Dept. Heaven Icontest


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Uh. Okay, it looks like there're going to be issues with doing a real Yggdra Union manga week, since all we have so far are krile's scans. D: So here, have a filler week/pimpage post!

This week's theme is Apocrypha. Basically, your task is to design a community icon for the not-really-off-the-ground-yet Dept. Heaven roleplaying community, apocrypha_rp. You can use any Dept. Heaven image you like, and it's up to you whether or not you actually use the text "apocrypha" on the icon. When voting rolls around, the first-place icon will become that community's icon (as well as taking the winner icon slot as this community's default icon until week 23), and the second-place icon will become the icon for the out-of-character comm, apocrypha_ooc.

YES, HALF THE POINT OF THIS WEEK IS TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF THE RP/ATTRACT MEMBERS. But the other half is because we haven't done anything since the middle of August, it's September now, and we need a new week liek whoa. Let us SHOCK SOEM LIFE into this icontest!

-Submit your icon with the image and then the URL beneath it.
-Each person can submit up to 3 icons, however only 2 may be awarded winning positions.
-Please consider submitting a character app for apocrypha_rp while you're working on your icons this week kthx.
-The management assures you that those responsible for this blatant advertisement have been sacked.